Sunday, April 01, 2007

Here we go into the way back machine to continue my re visitation of my old graphic novel proposal. This was my opening page. I forgot how much I was into detailed imagery. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but sometimes simpler can be better. The years of boarding I have done since then have forced me to break drawing down to a more structural and compositional (is that even a word?) nature. It would be interesting to compare these early comic book pages to the ones I did last year for a more recent published story. Perhaps I will do so after I've posted some more of these old ones.


Blogger RLS said...

Those pages look great. I can totally see the Bart Sears influence there. You have a different rendering style from Bisley so that influence is not that apparent to me.
Awesome job, though.

9:19 PM  
Blogger The Big Red One said...

I meant Bisley more in tone and look of my main character more than actual style, but thanks for the kind words!

9:24 PM  

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